A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Beta version of the game about a boy named Parker, who dies tragically in an accident and finds himself in a world between life and death. Now he must do everything he can to not fade away, all while trying to uncover the fate of his brother.

Content Warning: this game is not meant for children under the age of 13 for strong language and depictions of violence. Player discretion is advised.


SummitDemoWindows.zip 66 MB
SummitDemoOSX.app.zip 69 MB
SummitDemoLinux.zip 69 MB


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This game was nicely designed, we may have encountered a bug that didn't allow us past the timed wall jump.   We had a blast tho :)

Thanks for taking the time to offer us feedback. When you get to the long blue wall away the end of the second level, you can press "x" to phase though that section to reach the bottom -- which will take you to the third stage of the tutorial level.

There are still some aspects of the game that still need more clarification, so we plan on adding a clearer tutorial for the level in future builds.

Thank you for playing our game, and we hope to continue expanding and adding more content to the game very soon.

-- Jade Studios Dev Team --

Ah, ok didn't realize we could have hit "x" and gone to the next area, we will have to try that!!  We look forward to the updates to the game, and perhaps do a follow-up video in the future :)